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Keyword Research & Analysis

We perform a comprehensive analysis of the “search patterns” of your potential clients and an analysis of your specific type of business and related products. It is then possible to generate a list of related search engine keywords that are truly relevant to your business.

In addition, search engine databases are analyzed to determine key variations of those keywords and phrases. For example, we research alternative ways that users type in when they describe to a search engine what they are looking for whenever they are looking for your products and services.

Analysis of actual users’ searching behavior will allow us to generate a list of optimal keywords that will be used on your website as part of the Search Engine Optimization strategy.

This research is key in order to help your website appear on search engine results whenever users search specific keywords relevant to your business, helping visitors find what they’re looking for, and in turn, generating more business for you.

Webpage Optimization

Once the proper keywords have been established, the following steps take place:

If this is a website that uses a CMS such as WordPress, we install and configure the following plugins on your website to help with SEO:

  • SEO Plugin
  • XML SiteMap Plugin for Google
  • Robots Plugin for Search Engines

If this is a static/basic HTML site that is not powered by a CMS, the above steps are performed manually without the use of plugins.

At this point we perform the following work on the pages of your website:

  • Optimization and creation of necessary Meta Tags (Title tags, Description Tags, and Page Headings)
  • Other SEO improvements such as “ALT” text on images, HTML optimization, footer and header optimization.
  • Editing and Optimization of the Robots TXT configuration to improve SEO
  • Setup of 301 Redirect for non www domain ( -> for Google and other search engines to boost search engine value.

Search Engine Submission

This step involves manually submitting your website information to the search engines which account for 99% of all Internet traffic. The manual submission is optimized for each of the following major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!

We configure and setup Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo!/Bing Webmaster Tools. We verify ownership of your domain so that it is recognized by search engines, and submit the sitemap information of your website to these search engines so that they will be able to index all the relevant pages of your site to ensure they are entered into their search engine databases.

All of our submissions are manually performed so that they can be tailored to the specific search engine, ensuring that your site is given an optimal listing.

Note on Automated Search Engine Submission Companies:
Be aware that companies promising to submit your site to hundreds or thousands of search engines are using software to “spam” the search engines. This automated submission is likely to get your site banned from the main search engines that can truly drive traffic to your website.

Businesses Directories, Online Directories Submissions

Incoming links to your website are very important in order to get listed and be able to rank higher in search engines. This is why we add your Company’s website to relevant business directories, such as,, and others such as, and, in addition to 200 other directories on the web.

In addition, we also submit your Company’s website to Google Places listing for businesses allowing Google users and Google Map users to find your business more easily and rank higher on search engines.

Final Step, Setting Up Your Website with Analytics Software

The final step involves setting up your website so that it can track visitors and allow you to analyze their behavior with easy-to-use web tools. This information will help you understand what is happening on your site and will help you track your marketing campaign success!

We will register, and setup on your website the visitor tracking tool used by professional web marketers all over the world: Google Analytics

SEO Maintenance and Increasing Incoming Links

As part of a SEO maintenance, you should focus your effort on continuing to grow the number of your incoming links. This can be done by our SEO team through the following services:

  • Expanded directory submission service
  • Article writing & submission
  • Press release online submission
  • Blog writing and submission
  • Websites link requests
  • Link placements/ads

Contact us if you require an SEO campaign for small business and we will be glad to assist you.